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Mari Morimoto - Industrial Designer

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Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and currently based in Brooklyn NY,  I am a third year student in the masters of Industrial Design program at Pratt Institute. 

My bachelors degree is in Business Marketing which gave me an understanding of people's needs/wants and what sells in the market.

My design skills honed at Pratt Institute combined with my knowledge from my Marketing background, helped me improve my design and ideas behind my products. 

My designs focus on the interaction between Form, Aesthetic and Function. 

I believe that small "incremental changes" can make a huge impact in design and how people experience the product.   ​


I have a holistic design process that includes developing a strong concept and storyline in order to enrich human experiences. 

Every design has its own uniqueness which is aimed at putting a smile on people's faces in their daily life. 

When Im not designing, you can find me drawing, cooking , sewing realistic/antique animal dolls and boxing.  

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