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Oscillon  "the city walker"

- city footwear concept -

Born and raised in the city of Tokyo, and currently living in the NYC, 

big cites has always given me inspirations and creative perspective


I close my eyes and stand still in the middle of a city, I hear/ see /feel

the wave of sounds/color/smell  

In this project, I aimed to explore the dynamics of the cities

by visually transforming it to a city footwear concept ​"Oscillon"

collague1 .jpg

what is the sound of city ?

people, traffic, building winds,,, "breathing" , "heartbeat" of city   


acoustic wave

collague 2.jpg

what is Oscillon?

In physics, an oscillon is a soliton-like phenomenon that occurs in granular and other dissipative media. Oscillon result from vertically vibrating a plate with a layer of uniform particles placed freely on top

Oscillon - "the city walker"


breathable gill structure 

soft PU leather

EVA foam

ankle support 



tuck & fold 8mm

contrast stitching 

with under mesh layer

- Process -

- Concept Ideation -

Material Exploration



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